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My Parents Trip To Shifen Waterfall, Taiwan


Taipei has a wide selection of natural attractions. Besides beach tourism, there are also mountain tourism. You can also very easily reach these tourist attractions by public transport.

In Taipei there is one of the natural attractions of the mountains in the Pingxi district, Shifen Waterfall (十分 瀑布; read Shifen pubu). The place is beautiful, beautiful, cool fresh with natural mountain air.

The good news, everyone can easily go to this location even in the forest area. Shifen is at 25 ° 02’55.4 “N 121 ° 47’15.2” E (copy these coordinates and enter them into Google Maps). Yes, that is true. Shifen was surrounded by mountains and in a forest. It is also necessary to note that the river flowing at Shifen’s waterfall empties into Keelung beach. The river is also called the Keelung river.

In addition to enjoying the natural panorama of the mountains, can also do the release of lanterns. By redeeming the NT100-NT250 lantern you can release it into space. It is said that for some Taiwanese people believe that releasing these lanterns is an introduction to hope and prayer. Before being released, the lantern bodies made from recycled paper are written with the hopes, desires of each person.

 The beauty of Shifen is a strong magnet for domestic and foreign travelers. It is said that Shifen was also dubbed the mini Niagara in Taiwan. Visitors can be at the closest point in Shifen. Right next to the flow of water from top to bottom.

While you are tired of going around the forest in Shifen. Afterward, you can also go to old street. During the Japanese colonial era, Pingxi was a source of coal. This place also used to be a mining area. Until now there are still remnants of the former mining. Even to commemorate the golden age of the coal mines in Pingxi there is also a coal mine museum.


If you take the MRT, which way you go from. Make sure the stop point is at Muzha station. From here then change to bus number 795. Bus stop is not far from this station. If in doubt try asking people around, they will answer it happily.

  From Keelung station on the left side of the page, look for a bus that goes to Pingxi. Once again, do not hesitate to ask the people of Taiwan. If you need detailed information, you can go to the Information Center. In this place you can get a tourist location brochure as you wish. If you are not fluent Mandarin, it is also available in the English version.

  If taking the train from anywhere, the stop point at Ruifang sta. From here then change the local train to Shifen.