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Tanjung Pesona Beach Bangka Island Indonesia

Finally, I was able to visit the Bangka Belitung Islands. In my imagination when I got there, I would explore the beautiful beach that was used for filming the rainbow lascar film. However, due to the short time I visited, I could not visit the island of Belitung. From the island of Bangka to the island of Belitung can be reached in two ways, by air using the plane with a schedule of 2 flights and flight time 1 hour trip and by sea using a boat for 4 hours. Finally I decided to explore the beaches on the island of Bangka. Echoes of tourism on the island of Bangka is not heard well if this is caused by the lack of promotion by the local government. This relates to the Bangka Belitung Provincial Government’s policy for the development of the island of Bangka more emphasis on the mining and plantation sectors while the island of Belitung on the tourism sector. Bangka Island is known as the producer of the highest quality pepper in Indonesia in the plantation sector and tin in the mining sector. But not only pepper and tin on the island of Bangka, apparently Bangka Island also has beautiful beaches which are a pity to miss. One of the beaches that made me fall in love is Tanjung Pesona beach. Tanjung Pesona Beach is 9 km from Sungailiat City, Bangka Regency, precisely in the Rambak Village, Sungailiat District. We can travel to this beach in 45 minutes from Pangkalpinang, the capital of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province. The journey to Tanjung Pesona Beach passes through a long sand beach and mouse beach. Along the road we will see pepper gardens which are superior commodities in the Bangka regency as well as relatively quiet and clean roads. This beach has white sand with soft granules. The shy waves greeted the beach and the breeze made us peaceful. Offshore view over a promontory with exotic rocks. Our eyes are spoiled by the beautiful ranks of granite that lay just like that along the coast which is partially submerged on the seabed. The beauty of Tanjung Pesona beach panorama is complete with 3 tiers of beach. The bottom of the beach structure is a sloping beach with soft sand, then on the second level there is a gazebo that jutted into the sea and the top level is an arrangement of exotic large rocks.