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The Mandalika, Lombok Island Indonesia

Are you planning a year-end vacation? If you and your family are lovers of nature tourism, especially beach tourism and enjoy surfing or swimming, please enter the tourist area of ​​Mandalika, Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara, in the top list of your year-end vacation options. For those of you who like to surf, Gerupuk Beach with big enough waves can be an option. Likewise, Tanjung Aan Beach and Seger Beach. For a long time, these beaches became a hidden paradise for foreign surfers. But now, the beauty of the beach is projected to become a major part of Lombok’s new and modern tourist center in the Mandalika region. Even more special, all the attractions of the beaches are then combined with the beauty of the background of green hills that fortify each of the beaches earlier. When you climb it, get ready to sigh, because you will be amazed when you see the beauty of the entire coastline from the height of the hill. In addition to the stunning stretch of beach, Mandalika which covers more than 1,000 hectares also holds many other charms. Take a look, not far from the center of the Mandalika area, there are Sade and Adde Ende Villages. This village is a typical village of the Sasak people. There, you can get to know more about the diversity of the way of life of the original inhabitants of Lombok Island. Mandalika is also known as the Bau Nyale Festival, which is an exciting local event that is held regularly on certain days. Even tourists can enjoy the festival with the locals. At the festival, locals and also from various other regions in Lombok will gather in certain lands and hunt for earthworms. According to local folklore, the worm has been around for hundreds of years, is considered sacred and brings happiness. On the other hand, Mandalika which has been designated a Special Economic Zone (KEK) is being seriously developed into an international tourist destination. Starred hotels are being built. Similarly, night entertainment centers, spas and others. In fact, an international standard racing circuit arena will also be built in this region. From Jakarta, it only takes 2 hours flight. While from Bali, it only takes 30 minutes. Then from Lombok International Airport, it takes about 2-3 hours by bus, or taxi to Mandalika. In the area of ​​Mandalika there are rows of beautiful beaches, starting from Tanjung Aan Beach, Serenting Beach, Seger Beach, Kuta Beach and Gerupuk Beach. For those of you culinary hunters, in the Bukit Mandalika Area, Kuta Beach Lombok, Kuta Village, Pujut District, Central Lombok, NTB there are some special foods that you should taste. Among these are Taliwang chicken, Rarang chicken, satay Rembiga and satay bulayak. Processed spices typical of the Lombok region will spoil the tongue and increase appetite