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Trip To Bukit Fathin Temple Bangka Island

Bukit Fathin in Bangka, Enchanting Temple on the Hill which is always flooded with tourists. Bukit Fathin is one of the religious tourism in Bangka Island, Bangka Belitung Province. In addition to the beach, Bangka also has religious tourism on the hill. Bukit Fathin is a temple that stands on the slopes of Bukit Betung Sungailiat, Bangka. To go to this hill, we can use a car or motorcycle. There are no signs leading the way to go to this hill. If you are a traveler, of course you have to ask people on the road to get to the temple .. The only sign that is easily recognizable is the T-junction that has a statue of a policewoman facing a bus stop. Turn left from behind the bus stop. Next we will find a gate that reads Fathin San, which means it’s almost at the location. Every visitor who enters, even those who want to pray at the temple, are required to pay a ticket of Rp. 5,000 per person. The next trip is up a steep incline of up to 45 degrees and a zig-zag road to the parking lot. Or we can park the motorbike near the ticket window and walk up the stairs … Fat Hit San was built in 2006 by Lie Kuan Tan. His tomb stands majestically in the form of a miniature Borobudur Temple and faces east. Everyone who prays here will also pray for him. This tomb itself is one of dozens of altars to pray by Buddhists. Each altar has its own provisions such as how much incense that must be burned every time you say a prayer. The first altar is in an artificial cave .. The roof is made of cement and colored with granite. Inside, there are some ornaments such as a dragon statue, a pool that is basically full of coins, and some furniture and prayer equipment. Beautiful lanterns hung on the walls to make the dark atmosphere of the cave not so scary. It is said that hope will be granted by throwing a coin into the pool. On the east side of the hill, the stairs go up and down following the contours of the hill and end up with large granite. From the rock we can see the beauty of the city of Sungailiat from a height. In addition to Buddhists, Confucians and Taoists can also pray here. Bukit Fathin is usually crowded on holidays.